Light, natural make-up, emphasizing the gentle beauty and correcting imperfections.

You cannot see the makeup, but face looks more rested, expressive and younger.



Cosmetics are appropriately chosen for the type and color of the skin, where products are applied to a perfectly prepared skin, to correct imperfections and highlight the most beautiful facial features. This makeup is extremely durable thanks to a primer application under the foundation, an eyeshadow primer, a transparent setting powder and a finishing of setting spray.

In addition

Individual makeup lessons - you will be advised how to do the right makeup that will emphasize the strengths and hide imperfections through appropriate modeling of the face, as well as help in choosing the right cosmetics and colours. 


Extremely durable makeup, tailored to the cut and color of the wedding dress, accessories, bouquet, hairstyle and expectations of the client. It can be very gentle and luminous or more expressive, but always adding charm and character


Stylistically matched to the type of beauty, clothes and hairstyle. Clearly emphasizing eyes,lips, oval face, suitable for artificial light.

During the makeup application not only the color type, skin type, face shape and its features are taken into account, but also expectations, personality and style of the client.

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Mobile Beauty Treatments

Anja's Touch

Mobile Beauty Treatments


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